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LTM Baku on the 21st of February 2023

LTM Tashkent on the 24th of February 2023

LTM Almaty on the 27th of February 2023

LTM Astana 2023 on the 20th of September 2023

LTM Almaty 2023 on the 22nd of September 2023



The opening of the Charitable Foundation for Children and Youth in 2013 was a way to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the company. Ambotis Foundation was created at the initiative of the Greek Tour Operator Ambotis Holidays. • Organization of holidays in Greece and Cyprus is a profession of the founders and trustees of the Fund • Strong partnerships in tourist sphere allow us to guarantee the most budget and quality holidays for children and teenagers in Greece • We have our own flight program, our own hotels, our own transport company, and the responsible personnel with extensive experience • We sincerely believe that happy vacations are necessary for happy and healthy childhood! Vacations are our present to children!