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LTM Kazakhstan, Astana on the 18th of September 2024

LTM Kazakhstan, Almaty on the 20th of September 2024

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LTM Uzbekistan, Tashkent on the 21st of February 2025

LTM Kazakhstan, Almaty on the 24th of February 2025


Privacy Policy


We are very concerned about your privacy. By using the LTM application, you are putting your trust in us, and we appreciate that. We make every effort to keep your personal data safe. In this document, we will try to clearly explain how we process your personal data. In addition, we will explain how you can contact us if you have any questions concerning your personal data.

From time to time we may change the Privacy Policy. We recommend that you check this page regularly to keep up with the latest developments. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, we ask that you refrain from using the application.

What personal information does LTM gather?

When you use the app, we request certain information from you: your name, your preferred contact information, your geo-location, in order to show you the colleagues that are near to you.

Why does LTM gather and use your personal information?

Primarily, we ask for your personal information to help you manage your work and communications during the exhibition, as well as to keep you informed about the latest changes in the work, while keeping your information safe. We also use it to contact you or to provide you with news updates.

How does LTM share your data with third parties?

Third parties are also connected to the LTM service in various ways and for different reasons. The main aim is to convey information about your status and position to interested participants.

How does LTM process the messages that you send?

LTM helps you and other participants to exchange information. The exchange of information takes place through

How does LTM use mobile devices?

We issue free mobile apps that gather and process your personal information in pretty much the same way as our site. But the app also allows you to use our positioning service.

What safety procedures does LTM use to protect your personal information?

We implement appropriate data security procedures under data protection laws, in order to prevent unauthorized access to personal data or its unauthorized use. You can always exercise your right to find out which of your personal data is stored with us. A review of personal information may be obtained by directing a request to the email address listed below. In order to speed up processing of messages, please specify “Request personal information” in the subject line.

Who is responsible for processing personal information on the site and in the Luxury Travel Mart mobile app?

The company Travel Media controls the processing of personal information on its sites and in mobile apps.

Why does LTM collect and use your personal information?

We use information collected about you in a variety of ways. Your personal data can be used as follows:

  • Participation in the exhibition: first and foremost, we use your personal information to identify you as an exhibitor.
  • Support: we provide operational support during the event via online chat.
  • Account: LTM users can only create an account on our website as a tourist market specialist, only after approval as a participant by the event organizer. We use the information you provide us to manage your account. With it, users can access useful services. You can use all available functions such as Ring, Block, Message.
  • Communication with you: we can also contact you about other matters by mail, e-mail, by phone and by messaging, depending on the type of contact information that you have shared with us. We also process all the requests that you send to us. There may be a variety of reasons for this.
  • Better service: we also use personal data for analytical purposes. It is part of our work to improve the services we provide to our users. The data may also be used for testing purposes, to solve problems and to improve the functionality and quality of our services. We aim to optimize our platform, to make it popular with users and meet their expectations, and to make it easy to use.
  • Legal purposes: in some cases we may use your information to process and resolve legal disputes, to investigate at the request of state authorities, to comply with regulatory requirements and to ensure compliance with the terms under which LTM provides services.

To process the information, as outlined above, we rely on the following legal basis:

  • Execution of the agreement: the use of your information may be necessary to execute the contract between us. For example, if you use our services, we will use your information to fulfil our obligations.
  • Legitimate interests: we may use your information to fulfil our legitimate interests, for example, to provide you with the most appropriate website content, emails and e-newsletters, to improve and promote our services and the website, for administrative and legal purposes.
  • Consent: we may count on your consent to use your personal information for certain direct marketing purposes. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at the addresses listed at the end of this Privacy Statement.

LTM does not hand over your personal information to third parties.

How does LTM process messages that you may send through LTM?

LTM provides you and other users with tools to exchange messages on your activities and cooperation within the framework of the event. These messages go through
LTM may receive access to messages and use automated systems to review, analyse and scan messages for security purposes; to prevent fraud; comply with legal and regulatory requirements; identify potentially unlawful actions; to develop and improve products; for studies; to attract customers, including to provide you with information and offers that we think may interest you; and to provide customer or technical support. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to block the delivery of messages or the viewing of messages, if we believe that they may contain malicious content, spam or may be a danger to you or other users, etc. All messages sent or received using the LTM tool messaging will be received and stored by LTM.

How does LTM use the mobile device?

We offer free apps for various mobile devices, optimized for viewing on phones and tablets. These applications process the personal data you have provided in almost the same as our site. They allow you to use the positioning function, so you can find nearby users. With your consent, we can send you push-notifications with information. You may give us access to information about your location and contact information to allow us to provide the services that you request. When downloading images from your mobile device, information may also be provided about your location. Check the instructions of your mobile device to change settings to enable the above-mentioned data transfer or the sending of push-notifications. In order to optimize its services and marketing materials, LTM (UAB Europae Media) may use so-called tracking of user actions on different devices. This tracking may be carried out both by using cookies, and without them. More detailed information about cookies and other related technologies is provided below. In particular, LTM (UAB Europae Media) may combine data collected from a particular browser or mobile device with data from another computer or device connected to the computer or device from which the data was obtained.

How does LTM protect your personal information?

In line with European data protection legislation, we follow the proper safety procedures to prevent unauthorized access to personal data and its unauthorized use. We use the appropriate corporate systems and procedures to protect and safeguard the personal data provided to us. We also use security procedures and apply technical and physical restrictions on the use of personal data and access to it on our servers. Only employees with special rights have the right to access personal data when performing their duties.

How can you control the personal information that you have provided to LTM?

You always have the right to view the information about you that we hold. You can request a review of your personal information by sending us an email to the address below. Write "Request personal information” in the subject line to speed up the process. You can also contact us if you think we have incorrect information about you, if you think that we no longer have the right to use your personal data, or if you have any other questions about the use of your personal data, or about this Privacy Statement. Contact information is provided below. We will process your request in accordance with the applicable Russian legislation on data protection. You can delete your account at any time by logging onto the site and choosing to delete an account.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments on this document, please contact us. This document may be amended. We recommend that you visit this page regularly to keep abreast of the latest updates.